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After training as a lawyer with prominent jurists in Palma since 1972, Luis Moyà Noguera founded his own office in the current location in 1980, which he managed until 2008, combining it with the management of the Legal Department of the Caixa d'Estalvis de Balears, Sa Nostra and teaching for over 27 years at the University School of Social Work.


From the very beginning, the office specialised in Family and Civil Law, training some of the most outstanding matrimonial lawyers in the Balearic Islands. In 1999, Luis Moyà Antón joined the firm to expand its practice to include corporate and criminal law, among others, also strengthening the area of civil litigation. With the subsequent incorporation of the lawyers Guillermo Bauzá, an outstanding labour lawyer, and Juana Mª Rosselló, the firm formed a stable structure for more than 15 years until the death of the former. In 2021, a result of synergies took place with the incorporation of lawyers Blanca Llopis and Magdalena Miralles, who had already had their own offices for years, and the more recent addition of Sonia Sampol.

This trajectory has created a family law firm, deeply rooted, appreciated, and valued by both clients and other lawyers, with a close knowledge of where the world of law on the islands has come from and where it is going.


The professionals who work for this firm represent the values of the Moyà brand, not only respecting the traditional and essential principles of the legal profession but also maintaining our dedication to a service that is as close, immediate, affordable, and personalised as possible, always adapting to the needs of our clients.

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